WorldPainter's functionality can be extended with plugins which can add new layer types or tools, or add support for other map formats than Minecraft.

How To Install

  1. Download the plugin. It will have a .jar extension. Do not extract the file.
  2. Open the plugins folder from WorldPainter's Tools menu.
  3. Move the .jar file into the plugins folder.
  4. Restart WorldPainter.

Official Plugins

These plugins are created and supported by the author of WorldPainter. For support, email plugins@…, or visit the official WorldPainter subreddit:


This plugin adds support for exporting worlds in the Minetest format.

(coming soon)

Wurm Unlimited

This plugin adds limited support for exporting worlds in the Wurm Unlimited format.

(coming soon)

Autumn Forest

This plugins adds a new layer which places trees in autumn/fall colours. This is more of a toy/demo and is here for historical interest, but it does work.

(coming soon)

Third Party Plugins

These plugins are created by third parties. Please refer to their respective authors for support.


CubicChunks is a Minecraft 1.12 mod that allows for massively higher maps than the standard 256 blocks of vanilla Minecraft. This plugin adds support for exporting and importing WorldPainter worlds in the CubicChunks format.

Links for CubicChunks:

Website of the Minecraft mod:
Discord server; go here for support:
Downloads of the WorldPainter plugin:

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