WorldPainter includes the work of several other people:

Cracked earth brush: - ceiteach

Flood fill algorithm:

Original algorithm by J. Dunlap
Java port by Owen Kaluza

Development environment:

IntelliJ IDEA by JetBrains
NetBeans IDE

Docking and toolbars framework:

JIDE Docking and Action Frameworks by JIDE Software

NBT reading and writing:

JNBT by Graham Edgecombe


install4j by ej-technologies


Silk icon set by Mark James

Tablet support:

JPen project

Random noise algorithm:

Ken Perlin

3D previews and colour schemes:

dynmap by Mike Primm

Shovel icon:


OS icons: - Tatice

LogoCraft font: - TristanLuigi

Splash images: - winddelay and razer

Dark theme versions of icons: - almic

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