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    3535== How do I make the borders of the map look nice and integrate well with the Minecraft landscape? ==
     37=== For Minecraft 1.18 and older: ===
    3739When you leave the !WorldPainter-generated chunks, Minecraft will start generating land again, according to the seed you specified and its own algorithms. There is nothing !WorldPainter can do to avoid that. If you don't take this into account, the edges or seams between your world and the Minecraft world may be very abrupt and ugly. There are several strategies for making the seams look good:
    3840 1. Make the edges of your world all water, and use the "ocean" Minecraft seed option (the default) on the New World screen. Make sure to use the default water level for your world (62) and make the water depth around the edges at least fifteen blocks so it will match the ocean floor better. This will embed your world into a huge ocean and since the seams are all water they will be almost unnoticeable. Note that this does mean that there will be no other continents anywhere nearby though!
    4749   * Merge the changes with the original map using Ctrl+R or File -> Merge World...
    4850   * The downside of this is that changing the slope of the land will mess up any trees that were on it. You'll have to visit all the seams again in Minecraft to manually fix problems introduced by the merge
     52=== For Minecraft 1.19 and later: ===
     54You don't need to do anything special. Minecraft will generate the chunks adjacent to the generated part to smoothly connect with your terrain.
    5056== How do I change the water level on an existing world or map? ==